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Project- Next Generation Green Research and Office Building
Year- 2016
Type- Competition- Finalist
Location- Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia

Design Concept
Building design for the new green research and office building is inspired by the experience of space beneath a tree under the sun. The long and narrow building is initiated by its site. The building is orientated to face South East with thermal mass structure, i.e. r.c wall that clad with alum panels facing North West. This arrangement allows the building to have a transparent frontage and protected from the late afternoon sun. The building program is driven by the same principle, active working spaces are facing the front and passive rooms for services are facing the back with minimum wall openings. The rooms that serve the public frequently i.e. Pre-function Lobby, Permanent Public Gallery Space, Visitors’ waiting area, Library and Information Area, F&B etc. will be double volume and allocated at ground floor. Semi-public rooms like offices, training room, board room, meeting rooms and break out space are assigned at 1st floor.

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Natural Ventilation- Natural ventilation will be provided at integral part of the building at atrium, circulation routes and service rooms, i.e. staircases, toilets, kitchen, stores etc. Mechanical ventilation will be provided at all working spaces, i.e. library and information room, offices, reception area, training room, board room, meeting rooms, auditorium etc. Both natural and mechanical ventilation system co-exists in the atrium to ensure a flexible usage of the systems at different situation. I.e. during haze hit season or heavy traffic time on the main road (noise and air pollution) mechanical ventilation will be adopted to ensure clean air and better quality indoor working environment. During monsoon seasons, with lower air temperature and cleaner air, natural ventilation will take place; Natural air will be drawn in by controlling grass louvers at the roof skylights and the folding windows at ground floor atrium.

Natural lighting- Natural Lighting system is integrated into indoor environment with a careful consideration on over exposed light, heat and glare issues. Sunshade canopy will run along the south-east façade above the curtain walling. With the skylights, rooms at 1st floor will be opened to sky. To ensure optimum sun light for the interior, aluminium sun shade will be installed below every skylight at 1st floor and curtain walling will be integrated with window blind to reduce glare. Air wells on site intend to fill the enclosed basement car park with natural lighting and ventilation.

Renewable Energy- The building design will fully utilize green roof for collection of solar electricity via photo voltaic panels. The solar electricity will be stored at room beneath the auditorium. Rain water harvesting tank at basement is prepared for the storage of rain water for reuse in the building and the garden.

Disability access- Key consideration in the design of disability access include zero drop circulation routes with minimum 1.75m wide walkway for easy wheelchair turning, provision of OKU car parks, disabled toilets, ambulant disabled toilets, refuse area at staircases, wheel chair spaces at Auditorium etc. The planning also recommends a bus stop at the front of the site. Visible signage for easy direction will be provided for easy way finding.

Nature- Greenery & water- Nature is part of the whole in this building and its landscape design; green roof, pond, green surface car park, trees at outside and inside of the building will soften the hard surface of the building and the landscape. All major rooms will have a view with greenery except Auditorium.

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