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Project- A Double Storey Tropical House For a Family with 3 Generations Year- 2015- Type- Private House Info- The challenge of the design was to create a house that meet the client’s budget without compromise on the house character, identity and the context of the site. The house design was based on some basic principles of green architecture design, i.e 1-Orientate the building to face the North with minimum opening on the west side. 2- Natural ventilation will take place with the allocation of stair well as chimney of the house. 3- Maximize the use of natural sun light by opening up terrace & bathroom to the sky etc.

Land size- 516m2 (0.1275acres)

Build-up Area- 353m2(3800 sq.ft.)

Project status- Under Construction


Semi-D, Lot 2511 Jerantut