Cheongju New City Hall

Project Type-Office/Competition

Info-A pair of twin towers are proposed to house new City Hall and City Council. The twin towers proposal will serve as a reminiscent of the history of Cheongju City, which went through separation and re-integration between Cheongju and Cheongwon County in 1946 and 2012. This is how our concept of 1+1=1 originated. The presence of both towers is important for the city as a way to re-define the spoiled character of Cheongju City’s skyline. Viewed from the elevated levels to the distance mountain, the users will be able to re-connect themselves with natural environment around the city.
Facade of the new city hall buildings is mimicking the roof shape of traditional Korean architecture. Hence the modern towers can be seen as not just a new trend of architecture that is going to sabotage the traditional architecture, but instead it is perceived as a continuity of its past.
Users may access the new city hall from either the north entrance next to the road or south entrance that is linked from existing town hall building. Once enter, a large atrium space that is filled with light will welcome the visitors. The 4 storey high atrium will be integrated with a large dining hall that serve as an informal meeting place for staffs and residents.
The visitors are free to move around the podium levels except security spaces via lifts, access stairs and bridges. But to enter the formal security zone of City Hall and City Council, the visitors are required to access via security checkpoints at ground floor of the twin towers.

Site Area-28,459m2

Building Gross Floor Area-55,500m2


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