Little Flower Bulb
Mixed Development

Project- Forest City Development, Iskandar Malaysia, Johor
Year- 2016
Project Owner- Forest City Johor
Scope of work- Schematic Design
Type- Competition
Info- Proposed Master Plan & Architecture For A mixed Development With Four 50+ Storey Skysccrapers that Consists of  5* Hotel, Service Apartments, Offices, Convention Centre, Shopping Mall, Multi-Storey Car Park & a Green Plaza.
Status- Unbuild


Master plan- Harmonized diversity Malaysia is a multicultural society and a melting pot of diversity. Fusion of east and west, cultures and ethnicity has led to a search for a harmonious whole with a common goal. Proposed Master plan for this ambitious development is a manifestation of the statement- 4 different plot of lands with different sizes, shape and programs will be transformed into a unified vision, guided by its people’s common believe- to stay harmony with its surroundings and nature.


Architecture- The Crown of Iskandar The architecture design seeks to produce a mixed development buildings that are contextually well connected with the place and its people, with a bold statement and a strong sense of harmony. The towers and podiums’ design are driven by its program, views, building mass etc. Inspired by a flower bud, Key iconic Tower at Plot A is further infused with local cultural elements, i.e. image of Islamic mosque, hand gesture of respect for non-Muslim etc. The finished design of the Towers and Podiums will then be covered with a layer of green veil. Whole Development is named as “The Crown of Iskandar” as a symbol of highest standard of living, working, shopping and leisure. A Carefully crafted Tower A building form will offer a great opportunity to shine like a unique lantern at night with the installation of LED lights on its façade.


Landscape Architecture- The flower of Lights and music Landscape design embraces the unique natural environment of Malaysia, which is composed of tropical rainforest, mountains, rivers and waterfalls, sea and beaches, flora etc. The central landscape plaza is neighboring the sea and drawn from a local traditional pattern of flowers. The man made swimming pools will invites public participation of water sports during day time. At night, part of the pools will be magically turned into orchestra stage like musical fountains show. Water and Greenery are 2 key ingredients that are interplay at all podium levels and roof top of the towers.


Building Program Proposed development largely complied with the brief but we recommend detaching the light rail transit station from Plot A due to the safety and operation concern. I.e. in case of fire at Plot A, the LRT will still be able to operate and serve the public and residents of Plot B, C & D.

Sustainability The Towers’ design and orientation intends to minimize direct exposure to western sun by shifting majority of the facades toward east, north and south. All towers and multi-storey car Park will be integrated with air well for an effective natural ventilation system; the air wells are partially open to the side walls which bring in natural day light. Green area will be substantially increased with the additional cover of green veil on the facade of the buildings. Photo-voltaic cells will be integrated into the curtain wall glass at office floors and photo-voltaic panels will be installed at towers’ roof top. Rain water harvesting system is recommended to store and re-use the rain water.


Construction Conventional construction method will be adopted in the whole development including key tower at Plot A. Despite having a sophisticated building form, the construction of the key tower will be constructed with straight line structures, i.e. reinforced concrete slabs and precast concrete shear walls to form an organic shaped building form. Hence budget and construction timing will be under control.


Building Materials To achieve a contemporary high end product image, all buildings on site will be finished with tempered glass, aluminum cladding/window frame and mild steel on its facades, complimented by stainless steel tensile rod that mainly installed at balcony. Internally natural materials of timber and stone will be recommended as floor, ceiling and wall finishes.

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