High-rise Residential

Project Type- High-rise Residential
Client- Setia Ecohill
Project Detail- This project is a collaboration work between Rekka Design Atelier and CT Goh Arkitek. D’Cassia consists of 635 low medium cost apartment units with gross floor area of 850sq ft each. Two D’Cassia’s apartment blocks are arranged in parallel. To avoid the heat and glare of the western sun, all apartment units are orientated to face either the North or the South. To accommodate the use of IBS system,  the apartments units are set on 8.7m grids with a standard floor plate and its mirrored layout, the apartment floors are consistently rising from 1st to the 18th floor without change of layout. Common facility area is placed in between 2 apartment blocks, therefore half of the apartment units are having a long distance view and the other half would get a pool & garden view. As each apartment units was assigned with a covered car park and an open car park, large compound of the site that was occupied by external car parks would create an impression that this development was accompanied by a huge open area, complimented by trees and garden.
Site Area-37,031m2
Building Gross Floor Area- 63,020m2
Project Year- 2015-2018

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