Orchard Villa
Single Unit Residential

Project Type- Single unit residential
Client- Anonymous
Project Detail- The cascading villa is resting on a hilly site that is planned to be planted with tropical fruit trees. The villa is intended to be a holiday home for children & grandchildren of an elderly couple who will live in a villa at neighbouring lot. The villa is split into upper and lower parts; Lower part is a single large open space that houses living/dining/kitchen, it will be used mainly for family gathering and it is facing a swimming pool/deck/BBQ area. A courtyard space is created between a retaining wall and gathering space, which will help the flow of natural air within inner space and minimize usage of mechanical ventilation. This arrangement is to ensure occupants are able to fully enjoying life in a tropical climate, at a same time minimize usage of energy and reduce electricity bill. Upper part of the villa is connected from lower part through a hidden covered staircase that link the living & dining areas to the bedrooms. Flat roof is provided to the lower part of the villa to avoid view obstruction at upper part and to allow house owner to have an additional viewing platform to enjoy. As the site is planned as a fruit orchard, roof of the villa’s bedrooms(upper part) is constructed of reinforced concrete to prevent the durian that are falling from the trees from damaging the roof. The gentle sloping roof’s gradient will guide the durians that fall from the trees to the inner courtyard at bathrooms & laundry area inside bedrooms, this self-harvesting system is designed to “captured” durians at ground level and to make life easy for the house owner.
Site Area-1 acre
Building Gross Floor Area- 5,000m2
Project Year- 2022


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