The Cascading Temple

Project- A Buddhist Temple at Kandy, Sri Lanka
Year- 2017-
Info- Our client had selected this piece of land in the middle region of Sri Lanka of Kandy after visited 50 plot of lands. The site is a sloping land looking towards the south side mountain range which locals believe Buddha once passed by and left his footprint. The Buddhist temple intends to serve the locals with an occasional visit by the foreign visitors. The building program composed of 3 levels of space hierarchy. 1. Buddha’s world at the top floor will house the shrine hall that to be used mainly for chanting. 2. Monk’s quarter will be housed at 2nd floor. 3. Ground floor will be a common space for other temple activities like dharma talk, Dana(offering of food to the monk), kathina, dining, visitor’s temporary accommodation & workers’ quarter. Courtyard is introduced to bring in natural sun light to the bedrooms & to encourage cross natural ventilation. A large ramp is provided to allow the use of tuk-tuk car to bring the elderly & people on wheelchair to the shrine hall. On the other side of the building, a stair is provided as an alternative entry & escape routes.
Site Area- 11,000SF
Building Gross Floor Area- 5145SF
Project Status- On going

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