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Project- The Last House On Mulholland, Hollywood
Year- 2017
Type- Open International Design Competition- Honorable mention
Info- The HOLLYWOOD competition will serve as a design charette to explore the potential of the site, its relation to the Hollywood Sign and the surrounding park and community. Participants will have the freedom to explore the home’s program, design style and contextual relationship. The competition will challenge the traditional approach to residential design as well as the nature of a modern day home. Participants will study the role a home plays in our lives, both today and in the future.
Building Gross Floor Area- 485m2

Design Description- The Motion House’s design is perceived as a silver screen of the ground that takes its cue from the Hollywood’s motion picture. The design emphasizes the idea of movement, speed, timing, surprises and shock through appropriate adaptation of technology. Mechanically controlled by 4 hydraulic lifts, the inner core of the house in glass and steel will rise above ground and fall to sleeping mood according to the house owner’s preference on privacy, view, climate, security and safety. With its ‘hide and seek” nature, the periscope like house will serve as a living organism and fun loving entertainer that aims to challenge the conventional notion of the house design and complement the iconic Hollywood sign, its film industry and neighborhood.

Scenario 1- Simple building form will creates a bold identity for the house without competing with the Hollywood Sign.
Scenario 2- Privacy and security protected without compromising on the house’s identity
Scenario 3- The original scenery of the site will be preserved when the house “disappear” to the underground.

Glass floor will offer the house owner an interesting experience of space floating in the air

The expandable pool space will offer a more dynamic experience of interior space.

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